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The Last 2 Years

Wow, what a 2 years it has been in business. This fitness industry is crazy. I feel I have been through SO much with you all.

My move to Australia, my members LOVED my 1-1 programming. Then landing home to a pandemic where you amazing customers wanted community, affordable plans and workouts from home. 

And... Now, were back to normal. I have transitioned back to 1-1 programming. This world is crazy. Life is crazy. I feel  have learnt alot as YOUR coach over the last few years.

I have learnt that a good PT should be ADAPTABLE. 

I have learnt that a good PT helps you get out of a RUT.

I have learnt that a good PT should be so good sometimes that their client will eventually have the confidence to go into a gym by themselves.

I have learnt that not many PTs out there actually care. They just want the results. I believe I care about the customer first regardless. I have thousands of before and afters I cant use and Im good with that as long as my members got the transformation they hoped for.


So I suppose today's blog, is about being a good PT. I hope in the last 2 years I have helped you in someway. If not, get in touch. Let me try..


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