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The Bread Med

So…… hear it is…. a little chat about that food item ladies love and hate. BREAD.

Every time a lady says, “that’s it I’m being good, I’m going off bread.” I want to scream. Don’t get me wrong, I value that anyone of my clients, bootcamp’s, friends are trying to be “good,” but people have been educated and brain washed in these mental fad diets over the years that Bread is a bitch….

So ladies, first of all, Bread does not make you fat, Bread does not make you put on weight. Bread necessarily does not make you feel bloated.. and finally not ALL bread is high in carbs. For the love of god what did poor Mr Bread ever do to you for you to be so nasty about it.. LOL. Take a good look at your diet, is it balanced? If not, you are the problem, not bread.

Now let’s get real here, let me tell what does contribute to “putting on weight.”

Breakfast; 2 slices of white toast with butter and jam. Lunch: Chicken Salad Sandwich (cos our being healthy your having a chicken salad sandwich), Dinner; Beef Burger with a Brioche Bread bun and sweet potato fries (cos again your being ‘healthy.) This example will make you put on weight in context to BREAD intake. Is the above example familiar? Hell yeah! This example is a joke to our minds and our bodies. It’s what crazy fad diets and over eating as done to our minds. This example is not ok, bread 3 times in one day, are you having a laugh and half?

Bread will not make you put on weight, the AMOUNT of bread can be a contributing factor YES!

So how about trying this….

Have Bread once a day, instead of that loaf why not try a wholemeal pitta bread or a Kingsmill sandwich thin instead. Even the 50/50 ones are only 99 calories instead of that Brennan’s Batch Loaf which is 133 calories for one slice.

You do not have to cut bread out of your diet unless your training for one of those insane fitness comps or photo shoots. You CAN have forms of bread which are actually a lot nicer anyway.

AGAIN Pitta bread, wholemeal bagels, wholemeal or seeded wraps are all good replacements.. once a day! Or for the love of your tummy why not try your scrambled egg with 2 rice cakes, avocado and spinach instead. This may sound Eugh to you however it can be YUM.

Bread is not the demon. You are the demon for thinking that way. Get your diet balanced. Bread once a day to start. Then try having bread once a day, every second day. Have you even tried your bacon and egg without bread? What are you afraid off? Just add an extra rasher or an extra egg to replace the calories of the bread. You won’t be hungry after.

So for the love of Brennan’s, Hovis and Kingsmill start to cut down your bread, don’t cut it out!!



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