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Goal Setting

So, where do I start? I want to tell you all about Goal Setting. Why? Because Goal setting as allowed me to achieve my dreams. Those little dreams you dream about when you lie in bed, when you drive your car, when you sit on the toilet….. yes those dreams. I believe a Dream is not a Dream without a goal. From this blog, I want to teach you all the importance of goal setting. I want you to put into practice what you learn from this and PLEASE tell me if you succeed.

A few years ago, I was approaching 27 years of age. Everywhere I looked, people where putting a ring on it and well the buns where in the oven if ya get me! Then there was me, no sight of settling down, still on a high from living in Dubai for almost a year and basically just enjoying working, nights out and the nicer things in life. At the end of 2016, I wondered why I hadn’t achieved my personal dreams. That being, owning a house and buying a range rover Evoque. I worked hard, I loved my full time marketing job with The Fun House and I even had my own small fitness business running a few bootcamps weekly.

Then I added it up.. weddings, hen parties, the works. Now I am not single anymore, but if you are single and have a lot of weddings on, it is bloody EXPENSIVE. Hair, Nails, Make Up, Outfit, the fancy fascinator, the hotel room, maybe even the flights… GAWDDDD! So yes, that year I had 7 weddings and it cost be approx. £6,000. Insane. Yes insane. That was my bloody house deposit. That was a good bit of my dream car paid off. BUT, I had great memories right??

Don’t get me wrong everyone of those weddings where bloody fab! I loved every couple for giving me those memories and letting me enjoy the best day of their lives with them. But something needed to change. I wasn’t achieving MY GOALS. Now this is my example, your example could be maybe not working enough hours and maybe that’s why you can’t reach your goals… this is what I am going to touch on…

So.. what were my options for 2017? I didn’t want to miss any weddings, I love weddings! I needed to work harder. I needed to afford and enjoy the lifestyle I wanted. The freedom of not checking the bank account daily. I love to surround myself with like minded business people and learn from them. Mr Michael McKeown, founder of CRASH Services dropped me a major knowledge bomb one day at a meeting. He had listened to me chat and portray my ideas for an event we were working on. He told me to listen to Brian Treacy Podcast- “Moving yourself to peak performance.” That was it. Then my achievement train started to roll people.

Brian Treacy told my little brain to work 1% harder every day for 12 months. He told me I would double my earnings if I did so. He told me to visualise my dreams and achieve them. After discussing this podcast with my boss who always thinks I’m a bit mad but for 12 years has believed in me, he told me to GO FOR IT! I printed off my 2 images of my goals and stuck them up in our office. My boss also called Brian said he would hold me accountable and that I had to achieve them. The process-Work 1% harder every day for 12 months.

I promoted on my small following on social media at the time I would be running more bootcamps, with the one bootcamp I had, I torturted people on my stories showing them client results etc. My working day of 10am-6pm turned into 5.30am-9.30pm. That one bootcamp a day transformed into 7 bootcamps a day. 7 bootcamps a day and A LOT of PT clients on top of my full time job at The Fun House. Within months, I had paid off any silly little debts I had from student life, from backpacking Oz and living in Dubai. These crazy long hours where tiring, but coming home to our beautiful family home on the Rath Road in Warrenpoint, my mummy and Les always had my dinner ready for me and my mum would sit with me at the kitchen table at 9.30pm every night chatting to me about how my day went and of course my mummy knows when I’m tired and hungry I am a grumpy wee bear. This support was LOVE. My parents believed in me, my siblings thought I was mad but they believed in me, my bosses Brian and Rosie and well my close close friends who showed me support also. That is ALL I needed to succeed. That little small circle, along with my clients, that is all I needed. Feck everyone else, they probably doubted me anyway.

So…. I’m going to stop this little story and TEACH YOU. What happened next? Within 12 months;

  • I paid off my debts
  • I bought a house
  • Within 18 months-I bought a black range rover Evoque.
  • My own business turned into one of the busiest fitness clubs locally
  • My social media following grew and grew

So how do we GOAL SET?

First rule is, you don’t have to goal set at the start of the year, this is BS. We can start anytime. God did not say,, “Oh nooo it’s September too late to start your goals this year.” LOLS. START NOW!

Write down 3 goals for the next 12 months. They don’t have to be as big as a house, car etc they could be personal to you for example,

  1. Get a promotion in work
  2. Buy my dream car
  3. Go on dream holiday

Feck it, maybe your goals can be more emotional?

  1. Get the right help to cure my anxiety
  2. Take up a new hobby
  3. Travel

STOP chasing the dreams of others on social media. Did you know the majority of us spend a minimum of 3 hours a day on our phone? That is insane in the membrane. What could you be doing in those 3 hours? You see those bloggers with the ‘dream life’ on Instagram, you are allowing their dreams to come true, will they thank you for that wee like you give them last month? Will they send you a bit of their commission they made on the pre workout you bought on their swipe up? Hell no!

So let’s put this into process, this is what you do NOW:

  1. Write your 3 goals
  2. Write down HOW you can achieve those 3 goals. For example, my HOW was “I need to bloody work harder and longer.”
  3. Start to work on the HOW
  4. Cut down on your social media time a day. Assign 1 hour a day to working on your goal.
  5. TELL PEOPLE-Tell people close to you what your goals are. TELL THEM, PRINT THEM , STARE AT THEM. VISUALISE THOSE GOALS. They might think you’re a crazy lil nut, but show them you can do it!

And here lads and lassies, if those close to you don’t believe in you, I BLOODY DO. I BELIEVE IN YOU. WHY? Because you believe in me, you have taken time to read this.

Now go forth, write those 3 goals, work your bloody ass off to get them, remember 1% more productive a day for 12 months.


Tash x


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