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Go With Your Gut

So, I’m currently sitting here in a little cafe in our neighbourhood here in Sydney called Zetland. I thought I would share my thoughts, as I’m a little loner sitting here with my green tea and the Oreo macaroon I probably shouldn’t have ate but I will track her in My Fitness Pal later 

I thought this little blog may help others with a lesson, that’s going with your gut. I recently did a post on Instagram about this but thought I would go into more deets. Jesus, I just realised I used the word blog, I hate the word blogger. Let’s go back to what the word ‘blog’ or ‘blogger’ used to mean. It was this sort of stuff. It was people writing down their thoughts, fears, aspirations, hopes and tips of life and sharing it online. Now ‘blogging’ is more about sharing pointless tips, promoting items that have no relevance to an individuals career, hoping for over 100 likes on your pictures and much more. What has the world come too.

Anyway, kind of having a wee rant here and need to stop or my parents will be on to me saying you sound cheeky Tash.. to summarise, here’s a blog- old school.

Recently I faced the biggest decision of my life and that was leaving behind my business, home, car of my dreams and everything behind at 29 years of age. It’s all still there, just hitting the pause button as my good friend told me!

It was the hardest ever decision to make and one I never saw coming. I had everything planned. I had goals set. But this plan came out of no where and I suppose with long long argumentative thoughts with myself, I decided to go for it!!

One of the biggest motivators in this decision was hearing about my friend Amelia who I shared memories with when I lived in Dubai in 2014. At the start of this year Amelia was diagnosed with cancer. It was severe. She was given months to live. (The wee legend is still here by the way 7 months on and battling it like a pink power ranger)

Amelia who is now back home living in Wales, was a bootcamper, a PT client and a friend when we lived in Dubai. She ALWAYS had a smile on her face and was always up for the craic, a boogie and a training sesh. Just like ME. Hearing about Amelia’s battle and how her life was turned up side down, encouraged me to understand that life is SO bloody short. Our life is a message to others. What do you want your message to be?

Another motivator and the main lesson in this blog is I ALWAYS go with my gut feeling. When I finished uni people close to me asked me, “oh are you leaving your job now and go get a real job.” But my gut feeling told me NO stay put, you love your job and there is fantastic opportunities coming your way. My gut was right back then. I would say at 29 years of age I have been quite successful and I have reached all my goals that I set way back on I was 21.

So yeah… gut feeling. It has me here. In Sydney. I am researching the fitness industry, I am exploring and making memories, 3 weeks in I have made a friend for life and well no regrets eh? Honestly I wake up a lot at night and ask my gut, “whyyyyyyy? I want to go home, why did I do this.” But I just have to trust it.

Tears are filling my wee Irish Iranian eyes right now and this Asian cafe waiter is staring at me lols but I thought I would share. Share that no matter what, you all must know that life is so short. Deep down no matter what is going on in your life right now, your gut feeling is trying to tell u something. Take a long walk by yourself, sit and have lunch by yourself in cafe, go to a meditation class, whatever the fudge it is…. go, go and separate yourself for one hour from this crazy world we live in.

Find out what that gut feeling and God is telling you. This sounds quite bloody spiritual right now but I hope this helps someone today. I hope it helps someone make a life decision, I hope it helps someone take a step forward, maybe it’s taking a step back to go forward. I hope it makes some of you realise how short this bloody life is and how it can be taken from us in a blink of a eye.

I always say everything happens for a reason, right now I have no clue what my reason is but I know that all will be revealed in this Oz journey over the next few months.

Deep breath, have a chat to Mr/Mrs Gut Feeling and go for it.

Your Gym Guru 

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  • Sinead McCann: January 19, 2023

    What a great wee #blogg
    Keep listening to your gut it seems to have steered you well so far

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