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If you do not ask, you will not get. I asked you all on Instagram to vote what my next blog would be and you lovely people asked for tips to motivate you. Firstly, lets get this straight- we are enduring a global pandemic. We have more thinking time than EVER. For some strange reason someone decided to push the OFF button and for some of us we were forced to stop working, travelling, and doing the normal day to day things. Feckin madness isn’t it. But, 3 months on I feel we have accepted that this has become a way of life now. You may be a front-line worker reading this looking for some guidance on how to lose weight or to get motivated outside your job which has now become 100 times more stressful. You may be that person who has lost their job and you need guidance more than ever. You may just be that person that feels demotivated. Whoever you are, wherever you are-I GOT YOU. I BELIEVE IN YOU. I read before, if you have just 1 person that believes in you, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.

Now, today I am going to give you some serious life hacks, tips, and tricks to help you become more YOU. Because that is the key here. YOU. When you find YOU, that is when you can become more motivated. For me, I did not lose myself during Covid, it was last year when I moved to Sydney. Australia. Sounds pretty Feckin amazing right? Yes, Australia is amazing but at the young (do not even think of saying old) of 29 years, I left my booming business, a job I loved, a house I owned and much more. I had already travelled a good bit of Australia at 21 and lived n Dubai for a year in 2014. So, this was not really a plan for me, but hey that is what love does! I had some incredible highs in Australia but some deep, ground-breaking, world swallow me up lows. Yes me. The hyper annoying incredibly positive one of Instagram.

Between years of motivating and helping others and being a generally positive person to losing myself completely, I have come up with 8 cool tips on how to motivate you and you may find some life changing things in this list. I am feeling great now, I feel me once again. I think that we never truly find ourselves until we lose ourselves. Does that make sense? Feck it, I just hope my English teachers in St Louis do not read this. (Ps I got an A at GCSE English and English Lit ha-ha.)


  1. LOSING WEIGHT- Write down 3 reasons why you cannot lose weight, you will discover that the 3 of those things are excuses. Beside these 3 reasons- write how you can overcome them. You will be surprised to see on paper your own excuses and that nothing is stopping you from trying harder to achieve you weight loss goal. Give 1% more effort every day and I promise you big changes will come your way.
  2. LOSING WEIGHT- Ditch the scales. Yes, that’s right, scales can cause anxiety and anxiety can cause stress and stress can cause weight gain. If you are that person that is relying on a small electronic step to define you as a person you need to BIN them right now. Try using a measuring tape and before and after pictures instead to measure your success.
  3. LOSING WEIGHT-Ditch the FAD diets and try this- Breakfast-Lunch Dinner (everyday), up to 2 good snacks a day (handful of fruit, nuts, chicken or ham pieces), 1 bad snack a day under 150 Cals (2 finger KitKat yeooo), at least 2l of water a day and let me know how you get on. Make sure each meal or at least 2 meals have a source of protein.
  4. LOSING WEIGHT- Join my July Programme (Group monthly programme). Now come on lads and lassies, I need to do a little bit of PR here LOLS! My monthly programme is only £20, I will give you food plans, workouts for all levels and much more. Me as your PT for £20. Now come on.
  5. DAILY MOTIVATION-Daily checklist. Yes, after listening to James Clear’s Atomic Habits book and Brian Treacy podcast, having a daily habit checklist is one of the ULTIMATE KEYS to changing your life. Atomic habits are small positive habits we do consistently every day that can help YOU become more successful and more motivated for LIFE and becoming happier mentally.

These habits are SMALL changes daily that can help you. They can help contribute to weight loss, getting that promo at work, gaining positive friendships and much more. I have done a small example out for you. Try this daily checklist for the next 2 weeks and let me know how you get on, let me know how it makes you feel. GAME CHANGER trust me.

When I wake up, I will have a small glass of water  
Take 1000mg of Vitamin C a day (great benefits of this)  
Do a workout or 3-5k walk  
GIVING- Send someone a nice message to make them smile OR compliment someone in a shop or work.  
10,000 steps a day  
Read 5-10 pages of a book.  

Ok let us refer to some of those positive habits. A small glass of water as soon as you wake will not only wake you up physically it helps you mentally zone into your day also. 1000mg of Vit C? Let me tell you why. Vitamin C daily is an influential tool to keep your immune system strong, helps your mental health, gives your energy, increases sex drive and much more.

Let us look at D) GIVING. According to one of Tony Robbins first book successes; “Awaken the Giant.” Giving is the key to living. This book is my BIBLE. By making someone smile in your day, it can enhance your mood by 50% positively. Now you do not have to buy people close to you all the gifts of the day. Keep it simple. What I do, is send someone a nice message on what’s app. A friend, family member etc. E.g.- I see one of my friends has just posted a nice pic on Instagram. Instead of commenting below it, I would message them directly on what’s app and say for example, “You look incredible in that pic, you really do.” That 30 seconds of you day that took you to do that has made a persons 24 hours better.

Now F- Read 5-10 pages of a book- You may not be a reader, so try 5 pages a day of a motivating book. Not only will this take you away from your PHONE. It switches you off from life and makes you LEARN something. Have a pen beside you and highlight something that stands out for you. Some good book suggestions.

  • The Subtle Art to not giving a fuc*k-Mark Manson
  • Tony Robbins-Awaken the Giant WARNING its long so it may take months to read who cares.
  • James Clear-Atomic Habits
  • 4 Hour Working Week-Tim Ferriss
  • 6. DAILY MOTIVATION- Declutter. Yep that is right, do you ever feel like your overthinking all the time? That your actual brain is about to explode? Your thinking of all the things you must clean, tidy and sort. Your thinking of what the neighbour next door thinks of you (Helen this is an example, I know your my neighbour and you think am crazy as HAHA), your thinking of exams, work etc etc etc etc  E T C! Well here is a little life hack to declutter your brain. TIDY ONE PART OF THE HOUSE DAILY. Yes, it can be something like a KITCHEN OR BEDROOM DRAWER. Just one wee small House declutter daily can help you relax the mind, feel a sense of achievement, and switch you off from your thoughts. When you start to declutter your environment, you start to declutter your life.
  • 7. MENTAL HEALTH: Honestly, listening to Podcasts and reading HELPED me from an extremely LOW DARK place when I was in Oz. Every day, I promised myself that I would read 10 pages of a book and write down 1 quote that stood out for me. On certain days, that one wee quote made me realise WHO I WAS and WHERE I NEED TO BE. I also started to listen to one podcast a day. I would do this getting my 10k steps in and the things that I learnt from those podcasts honestly brought me back to life. I listened to Jay Shetty podcasts- although they have annoying advertisements throughout, one that stood out for me was “7 WAYS TO STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS.”
  • 8. MENTAL HEALTH: Major daily life hack here…… REACH OUT! If you feel shitty, you NEED TO TALK. Maybe you feel shitty because your simply on your period- ACCEPT that emotion, TELL those close to your that for a few days your going to me a crazy pyscho lunatic and they will forgive you-that is what we call MASTERING OUR EMOTIONS and it will help you be a little bit less crazy. Maybe your feeling LOW and you cannot see the light. REACH OUT even if it is to a stranger, sometimes just chatting about it can really help. Maybe your stressed-REACH OUT tell a work colleague, friend or your boss and it can change you day and assist feeling better again.

Ok, soooooo, that was my 8 tips on how to get motivated. On how simple things can change your day. If you implement any of these above, LET ME KNOW! I love hearing from my followers, boot campers and clients. If this helps people, I will do more. I know I am not the best writer in the world, but if this blog helps at least 1 person today- then today I have won. Tonight, I can smile. Make yourself smile. Make yourself proud and implement some of these tips above into your life.


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